Legal Audit

Legal Audit


Each business has a number of risks, one of which is the legal risk.

Hence, the extent of the success of your business is dependent on the legal risk as well. However, in order to remain free from such risks, first and foremost it is necessary to reveal them.

Legal audit is aimed to reveal and decrease such risks until their elimination.

Evaluation of legal risks is necessary for business running subjects who have lawyers and who do not have lawyers as well, because in that way the company shall have a side opinion about the legal risks of its business.

Legal audit is necessary while purchasing or selling a business as well, because in the first instance, the buyer shall receive full information about the sold business, and then decide to whether buy it or not, or to decrease the selling price, while in the second instance, the owners by acquiring information about their business that is being sold, shall have the opportunity to reform them or in case of their absence to use them as a basis for increasing the selling price.

By realizing legal audit the specialists analyze the following:

  • Corporative management risks of the company.
  • The risks of decreasing assets.
  • Contract (transaction) risks, in particular; violations (delay) of conditions stipulated by contracts, violations of rights of consumers stipulated by the legislation, violations of a contract about conducting antitrust policy and others..
  • Risk of the bankruptcy of the debtor.
  • Risks arising from employment legal relations.
  • Risks related to the policy of accounting registration.
  • The compliance of the policy of accounting registration to the acting conditions of the legislation and the habits of business circulation.
  • The payable and receivable obligations of the company are to be analyzed as well, terms of expiration of lawsuits and others.

As a result of realizing legal audit, the client shall receive:

  • Information about the risk level of the company.
  • Description of the company risks (including the personal responsibilities of the owners, directors and employees).
  • Calculation of the possible financial damages and suggestions about decreasing them.
  • Suggestions for opportunities to acquire additional economic profits.


Internal personnel and/or administrative documents are worked out in legal audit circles of personnel and/or administrative documents of the company according to the requests of the company. As a result, the productivity of the administrative decisions increases, risks of arousing conflicts with the founders and employment disputes of employees with the company decrease.

Thus, legal audit reveals the risks aroused as a result of the company’s activity, including the availability or the absence of all necessary documents, It also gives an opportunity to expose the errors before signing contracts, to correct them and to foresee all possible means of legal protection.




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