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The Republic of Armenia is considered to be one of the countries that carry out open politics for foreign investors. RA law “About foreign investments” clearly organizes those relations, by providing guarantees by the government and by excluding discrimination.


The stipulations of the laws organizing these legal relations cannot stipulate any less favorable conditions than the other stipulations of the laws for the RA citizens.


Hereby, in this section you will be informed about the investment solutions services provided by “OHANYAN GROUP” LLC, which includes providing summarized information about Armenia and a whole complex of services suggested by the company.



Suggested services:

  1. Analysis and development of investment plans,
  2. Qualified professional support in the various phases of realizing investment plans,
  3. Enhancing the attraction of the organization for investments,
  4. Strategic planning,
  5. Creating a system and developing tools for realizing the strategic aims of the organization.
  6. Analyzing and planning the financial, taxing and business activity of organizations, making a budget,
  7. Making a business plan,
  8. State registering the company, creating a representative or a branch,
  9. Preparing Charter documents,
  10. Analyzing business processes, designing and investing monitoring mechanisms,
  11. Legal guidance for investments in the Charter capital, evaluation, purchase and sale of shares,
  12. Reorganization of a legal person,
  13. Preparation and evaluation of contracts, agreements and other documents,
  14. Evaluation and suggestion for electing the company personnel and managing the company,
  15. Developing en employment plan (developing tactics) according to the field of activity of the company.

If an effective system for correct planning, managing and monitoring is what you need, then our services are just for you.



There is no limitation for launching an economic activity for foreign investors as well as for becoming a company shareholder in the Republic of Armenia. They can realize investments:

  1. With foreign currencies, other currencies and in AMD,
  2. With mobile estate and real estate (constructions, buildings, equipments and other material values) and with any related property right,
  3. With shares, bonds and other securities stipulated by the RA legislation,
  4. In the form of monetary claims and with the right to claim for the fulfillment of obligations which have contract value,
  5. Any intellectual ownership right with value,
  6. With the right to realize an economic activity stipulated by the RA legislation or by a contract, including the inspection, extraction, development and exploitation of natural resources,
  7. With paid services and others.:

The only explanation is that foreign citizens and persons with no citizenship do not have right to own a plot with ownership right. Therefore, they have the right to use the plot on the basis of lease.



The investments can be realized in the following ways:

  1. by the creation of businesses completely belonging to foreign investments, as well as branches, subdivisions and representatives which belong to foreign legal persons or by acquiring active businesses by ownership,
  2. by RA legal persons, businesses without the status of a legal person or by founding new businesses by the participation of RA citizens or by purchasing shares of active businesses.
  3. By purchasing shares and bonds in the frames of the RA legislation as well as other securities stipulated by the RA legislation.
  4. By individual businesses or RA legal persons or businesses without the status of a legal person, as well as with the right to use land with the participation of RA citizens and by acquiring concessions to use natural resources in the RA territory,
  5. By acquiring other property rights.
  6. By other means not prohibited by the RA legislation, particularly based on the contracts signed with RA legal persons or businesses without the status of a legal person as well as with RA citizens.


It follows from this, that the foreign investors can take advantage of the following opportunities:

  1. It is permitted to be the 100% shareholder of a company,
  2. A special permit is not necessary to make an investment,
  3. It is true that foreign citizens cannot buy plots in the Republic of Armenia, therefore unlike the foreign citizens, companies registered in the RA on their behalf can buy a plot, whereas they have the right to use the plot on the basis of lease,
  4. There are no exporting dues and restrictions,
  5. In case of changing the legislation of the Republic of Armenia which organizes foreign investments during 5 years from the moment of starting the investment, the legislation which was acting on the moment of realizing the investment shall be applied by the will of the foreign investor,
  6. Services to provide cash are for free,
  7. There are no restrictions expected for monetary transfers,
  8. Free selection of employees,
  9. There is no restriction in relation to the field of activity or region,
  10. and others.




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