Advocacy services

Advocacy services


Jurisdiction is realized only by the courts in the Republic of Armenia. Each person has the right for judicial protection of his rights and freedoms fixed by the RA legislation, RA international agreements, laws and other legal acts.

Before applying for judicial protection, it is necessary to take into account that it is a procedure that requires special knowledge and skills, the successful end of which depends on how accurate is the developed strategy and to what extent is your representative specialized.

“Closer Consulting” LLC suggests a wide range of legal services, which includes realizing any activity not prohibited by law directed towards the protection of your interests. The company suggests lawyer service as well, which is necessary in case of certain procedural actions in which only lawyers (attorneys) who have received a respective permit by the Chamber of Advocates of the Republic of Armenia have the right to participate.

The services suggested by the company include the following:

  • Making applications, statement of a claim, counterclaims, meditations, appeal and cassation complaints, responses, objections and reconciliation agreements.
  • Introduction to the documents, information as well as the case materials already being considered at the Court submitted by the client.
  • Making of questions and acquiring evidences (as well as in foreign governments).
  • Representation and defense in Civil, Administrative and Constitutional Court proceedings, in Administrative proceedings and alternative proceedings of settling disputes.
  • Participation in bankruptcy proceeding (application to recognize the person bankrupt until the sale of the property by auction).
  • Compulsory enforcement of Court decrees, which is realized by submitting an application for initiating an execution procedure of the compulsory enforcement service and following the latter during the entire process.
  • Support with the matter of execution of Court cases and Arbitrage decisions.
  • Settling disputes in an extrajudicial order, which is realized by carrying out negotiations.
  • Protection of rights of consumers.
  • Settling apartment issues related to sale and purchase, lease, eviction and other issues.
  • Settling issues aroused by employment legal relations; Rebuke, danger of being dismissed from work, dismissal from work, illegal reduction, failure to pay the salary.
  • Developing an internal circulation of company documents of legal nature: making employment contracts, orders and commands.
  • Legal accompaniment of deeds: making contracts, amendments, termination, deciding the risk level, analysis of terms and others..
  • Representation (participation) in negotiations with counteragents (officials of state authority and local self-governing bodies) and with other persons (legal and physical).
  • Settling disputes aroused by transportation accidents (departure to the location of the accident, representation at the insurance company, participation in activities carried out by the insurance company).
  • Settling issues of marriage and family, making marriage contracts, dissolution of marriage, dividing co-owned property of spouses, alimony and others..
  • Defense of customer interests in relations with customs and tax bodies.
  • Service of adjourning debts: carrying out negotiations concerning exacting amounts, exaction in an extrajudicial order, which is realized by notifying the debtors in oral and written manner about the debt, exaction in juridical order, which is realized by submitting an application (statement of a claim) to the Court for releasing a payment order.
  • Providing other legal services requested by the client.

As well as to object to the superior body and/or the court in case of a negative result of each service included in the legal consulting department suggested by “Closer Consulting” LLC.

Hereby, we suggest complex programs for legal guidance to our clients. The programs are made taking into account the requests of different clients. From legal issues of no big scale to the total guidance for a large business. If an individual program is necessary for you, we are ready to prepare it per request, taking into account the particularities of your business.




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